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NeoRehab is the first clinically-validated telerehabilitation solution for Allied Health Professionals and their patients. Anyone with an Internet connection and camera on their computer, laptop or iPad can obtain services wherever they are. Offering end-to-end encryption, eHAB is the safe way to provide remote consultations.



NeoRehab provides a clinically validated telehealth system for rehabilitation consultations. The eHAB® system allows clinicians like physiotherapists, audiologists, speech pathologists and occupational therapists to provide cost effective services to their patients, regardless of their location.
The system was designed by experienced rehabilitation practitioners and offers a simple, intuitive solution for both practitioners and their clients. eHAB® is a clinically validated telerehabilitation system supported by numerous peer-reviewed studies. eHAB can be used by hospitals as well as private practitioners, aged care providers and home healthcare providers to give patients remote access to Allied Health services.  The system has been proven to reduce the cost of healthcare while increasing the level of client access to health services.

Real-time Videoconferencing

Advanced Media Tools

Remote Measurement

Multi-device Compatible


No more travel, no more waiting rooms. It is time to get better, faster. Login or download the NeoRehab app to get access to high quality rehabilitation, wherever you are.


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