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for their telerehabilitation consultations

Allied Health, wherever you are


Whether you are a busy professional, parent or retiree living far away from the clinic or not, you can now enjoy the benefits of rehabilitation wherever you are.

eHAB® is the first telerehabilitation solution that is validated through clinical studies to provide equivalent outcomes when compared to face-to-face consultations. eHAB® has been developed for over 10 years and  is specially designed for your health practitioners to provide you with high quality rehabilitation service.

Consult with your physiotherapist, speech pathologist, occupational therapist and audiologist, on your computer or through the iPad app.


Services in the home

Ever wondered what it would be like to have physiotherapy, speech pathology, audiology or occupational therapy services delivered to your own home? Talk to your health care provider about receiving services online via eHAB®.

Very Convenient

No need to travel. No need to sit in waiting rooms. You get the treatment that you need when you want it. All you need is an Internet connection (broadband or mobile broadband) and a computer, tablet or an iPAD.


So Easy

Quickly connect with your practitioner. eHAB® links you to your Allied Health provider for your regular consultations so you can get better, faster. You practitioner will be able to provide assessment and treatment services.



For Cairns-based Jack Gardiner, 12, the eHAB® technology has meant fewer trips to Brisbane, 1,700 kilometres away, for audiology services, saving time and money for his family and minimising stress for him.

Jack was born deaf and wears cochlear implants which require regular MAPping (or reprogramming) to insure they are hearing optimally. He was the first Cairns child to benefit from the Hear and Say Centre’s trial of the eHAB® videoconferencing system to MAP his cochlear implant remotely.

The results using eHAB® showed no differences between MAPs obtained in traditional face-to-face environments, and the Hear and Say Centre have gone on to integrate the technology into their outreach programs.

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